Re-doing my blog

As I mentioned before, I am re-jigging this blog in a effort to make it more informatio-based and less business pushy. My other blog – – has all my old posts from in here and I will gradually delete them, or link them over.
I want to aim this blog at people using their computers; to help them get the best out of the technology.

For the time being I will keep this post at the top.


Updating My WordPress Blog

Updating My WordPress Blog

Should I update my WordPress Blog?

Never one to hang about – “yes”, was the answer as soon as I logged in this evening and saw an update was available.

And yes, it has gone perfectly.

Having done that, I decided to change the theme – what do you think? (The old theme was one of the basic WP ones and needed a revamp anyway). I have to go through it all properly, but the other week I exported all the posts in here to my other blog. I have still to check a couple of things – plugins etc, but it’s looking OK at the moment.

Next up, for today at least, is a radical change to what I’m going to do with this blog. That’s my problem. I really have no idea where I want to specialise – what I want to be my niche. Which is why I have gone overboard with all sorts of things and ended up very steadily getting nowhere – fast!

I have quite a few blogs, including Blogger blogs. My main biz one – – is really for bringing all my websites together. It’s still not right, but I sort of consider it my ‘main’ blog. This one,, is going to be a bit more personal and hopefully less of a biz promo site – more of a resource. Well, let’s see how it goes.

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do for years is help folks learn how they can use their computers better. So many people are terrified of doing any more than they have been shown – I want to help them (you?) realise that you can do a lot more – and do it much more easily too.

My next post will get it started – simply called ‘The Right Click’.

While you wait with bated breath for me to do it, why don’t you start ‘right clicking’ anyway!

Until next time

— LyndaH

Windows Live Writer – follow-up

Well, Windows Live Writer worked OK. (Yes, I know – forgot to categorise my post, but I’m keeping this one the same too.)

I think the main benefit will be if you have several blogs to keep up. As I plan to have more than just this one, which is just a starter, then Live Writer may well be very useful as I won’t have to keep logging in to separate places to write for them; as I can add my accounts in one place.

It was really qucik to get started. I popped the shortcut onto my desktop, added the other account I have then off I went.

Unlike WordPress (this blog host) which has the tag box just below the posting window, Live Writer has a drop down. But it seems to pretty much do everything that WP does, so I’m going to try it a few more times to see how I like it. (I’m actually writing this not using LW.

That’s it for this post – I’m busy with my ebook right now and need to get on with it before I fall any more further behind with John Thornhill’s Coaching program.

gxis la revido (that’s ‘au revoir’ in Esperanto)