My Day Off

Went to the zoo today. Well, it’s not really a zoo in the traditional sense – more a ‘wild animal park’. It was Howlett’s at Port Lympne. Got up close and almost personal with a giraffe too!

I’m not too good at walking and there were lots of steep paths – so I ended up sending my SO off on his own. What we did do which made a great start was go on the African Safari ride in a truck first. Meant we saw more animals as most of the others were hiding it seemed.

Couldn’t quite get away from business though – jotted down a few ideas while I was having a coffee. Nothing else to do (SO on his ramble at the time), as my mobile suddenly lost it’s battery charge!

Have you noticed how your hand-writing gets worse the more you use a computer?

Until next time


Welcome to my blog

Having recently been made redundant, I decided the time was right for me to set up on my own. Other people do it – why not me?

I have already been successful with eBay (although I all but suspended ops last year), so that seemed a logical way to go. But there had to be a better way to get it all together.

Being free to give it my full attention, what I needed was a planned route. Someone who would point me in the right direction, but not leave me to my own devices. A Mentor. And that’s just what I’ve found in John Thornhill. (Who hails from the north of England, BTW – I live in the southeast.)

I was one of the first to sign up to his latest coaching programme and last week we all got started. This will really get my own internet business off to the best start possible.

So, what’s it like? Not gonna tell you, but you can have a look at one of the main products I’m working with ‘Become an eBay Powerseller in 90 Days’ which will give you a big clue.

Every Monday afternoon John sets the weekly tasks for us to complete. Fortunately, I’m quite clued up with some of the technical workrounds as needless to say, not everything always goes smoothly. The most important thing is, that even if I can’t work something out, there are FAQs all over the place and lots of people I can ask.

I use D9 for my web hosting for this particular project. They are really good, and I like the almost instant response time to my queries! (See the LINKS section.)

All of this is happening with my brand new website – – based on the Powerseller programme and hosted with D9.

Watch this space.